Welcome to <<<Рубежное Онлайн>>>

Добро пожаловать на форум <<<Counter-Strike 1.6>>>.  Как и в большинстве интернет сообществ Вам необходимо зарегистрироваться , чтобы получить полноценные возможности и права на нашем форуме . Но не волнуйтесь, это очень быстрый процесс, который не отнимет у Вас много времени . После регистрации на форуме <<<Counter-Strike 1.6>>> Вам будут доступны такие привилегии как :

  • Создание новых тем и ответы в существующие
  • Подписка на темы и форумы для получения автоматических обновлений
  • Создание собственного профиля и возможность поиска, и добавления друзей в свой список
  • Ну и конечно же многое-многое другое !


  1. The main section of the forum

    1. Rules


    2. Our forum

      Discussing life offline, problems, weaknesses itd

    3. News / Information

      Information, latest news, all of the servers and not only

    4. Useful tips / articles / F.A.Q.

      Articles, FAQs, and other settings in this section only

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    5. Promotions / Contests / Events

      Contests, promotions, prize draws, additional privileges to users and easy as the players on the forum and on the project server

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    6. Questions / Suggestions / Wishes

      We are pleased to hear your constructive ideas and tips, as well as issues on the server and forum Counter-Stirke 1.6.

  2. Our servers

    1. Rubezhnoe Online | Classic

      Our first classic server. Here you can ask your question, make a suggestion or feedback on its work.

    2. Rubezhnoe Online | WAR3FT |100 LVL

      Our second server, with 26 geroynym War3FT mod. Here you can ask your question, make a suggestion or feedback on its work.

    3. Section for novice administrators

      This section describes the procedure for obtaining adminprav, basic admin's team, how to work with amxmodmenu and other useful things. Each novice administrator must know all of the information in this section!

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    4. Applications for unban

      You realized your mistake? You acknowledge their guilt and repent, hoping to get razban? Then you here!

  3. Operational headquarters

    1. complaints

      You can complain about the administrators vip'ov, players in our servers, if you believe that they violate the server rules or abuse the privileges issued to them!

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    2. Ask

      You can offer your ideas: add cards to put some kind of plug-in, add music, etc. It all depends on your imagination and our possibilities!

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    3. Bugs / Lags

      There was a problem while playing on our servers? Lag or let the game? Immediately inform us and we will do our best to help you!

    4. Set admins (Free)

      Applications for adminprav, free of charge, subject to this thread.

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  4. other

    1. Music

      Music - a universal language of the world. A place for dialogue on the topic of music, and all that is connected with it!

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    2. Humor

      Uplifting: jokes, funny pictures, funny stories, funny video

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    3. Flame and offtopic

      Blah blah blah ... and that's it. Conversations about everything that is not included in other sections of the forum. Any thoughts, any opinions. Complete freedom and freedom for imagination

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    4. Cart [Archive]

      Archive. Locked topic.

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